Sunday, February 24, 2008


So, we've gotten a few laughs out of Eli before. Once while tickling his belly (see video from Feb. 5), a couple by tossing him up in the air. But yesterday he decided that everything was funny, and busted out this bought of laughter:


Then...last night...he slept...EIGHT HOURS SOLID! Hot diggity dog. It was magical. Who knows if it'll happen ever again, but it was beautiful.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Whopping Saturday Entry

Eric's at camp this weekend (boo), but his computer is home - so I'm making a super duper entry. YAY! We've been having lots of fun lately, though we're keeping very busy. I did two firings last week and all the glazing and shipping and hauling that went along with that. Eli is such an agreeable little assistant. Here's some of what we've been up to:
My assistant Eli, helping me get organized. He fits perfectly in this little cubby.
Drooling. It makes him happy.
Obadiah is still wishing he was the baby of the family. He occupies any item that seems to be meant for Eli.
Eli's getting better at sitting up. He's still a little tippy, but the boppy helps hold him up, and cushion the fall when he topples.
Now, a series of photos from last Wednesday, the day he went in for his second round of 4 month shots. First, a pre-shot lunch. Notice his very cute Robies (shoes) with peace signs. Thanks Auntie Kelly!
Best buds.
Eli recently discovered his feet. They are now his favorite toy.
Look Dad...feet.

Blissfully unaware of his peril. He had such fun with the crunchy paper from the pediatrician's office, that we um...stole him some.
Immediately after mean people came in and gave him shots in each thigh. He cries for under a minute each time he has shots. It's remarkable.
I'm okay.Look Mom...feet.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some New Pictures

Some recent pictures:

Rolling around on the bed.
Another patented Eli Face.
We decided to try out Eli's snowman suit. This is purely for visual effect; it's way too big for him and isn't compatible with car seats, so we can't use it if we're going anywhere. It's undeniably cute, though. Here's the whole series of photos, in order, that we took while trying the suit on. You can see for yourself what he thought.....

Eyes are still blue....
Tummy time on the bed, with copious amounts of drool, as always.
And of course, at the end of playtime, naptime.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Warm Weather and Kitty Time

The highlight of this week was Eli's 4-month visit to the pediatrician. Everything checked out normal (we even interpreted the sheet they gave us to be saying that his blowing of raspberries is slightly advanced for his age). The statistics, as always, were interesting. Eli is in the 45th percentile of 4 month olds for weight, 55th for height, and the 95th for head circumference. He's had an above-average head since he was born. We're not sure what that's our families have a history of large-headed babies? We're simply taking it as early evidence of the Nobel Prize for Physics he's going to win in 2041.

We had our first warm day in a while on Wednesday (it got up to about 55), so Eli and mom spent some time out on the deck, enjoying the fresh air.
You can see the snow in the background...even on warm days, the snow is ubiquitous. The day after this, we got about 3 inches, and we're expecting more tomorrow. March is supposedly the snowiest month in Denver.
Eli conked out on our bed.
Eli playing on our bed with Finnegan and Wendell looking on warily. The only one of our cats that routinely associates with Eli is Obadiah...which leads us to the video below. You can see how much Obadiah likes hanging out with Eli. He's kind of like that good family dog that lets the kids ride him, even though it probably hurts. Eli grabs a fistful of fur, but Obadiah doesn't seem to mind. We only wish Obadiah would be more discerning about where he sticks his butt (see the end of the video). This morning Eli got into our bed at about 5; we woke up at about 7:30 with Eli awake and scratching Obadiah, and Obadiah licking Eli's face.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Baby Faces

We've been having oodles of fun lately. Eli at four months is Mr. Personality, and we love it. For your enjoyment, the many faces of E:This is Eli's milk-topia face. Today we went to a double feature with friend Christa. We saw Mad Money, which he slept all the way through, then walked around and had lunch to entertain baby and kill time until our second feature, Fools Gold, which he ate all the way through. When we left the movie he was giddy with fullness.
Look - TWINS! The lovely people at the soap store in the mall were gracious enough to let us change diapers in the back room of their store. There was a mirror next to the bench and Eli had a grand old time charming himself.
Here Eli's is snuggling to get warm after our Thursday swim. He has on my coat, two hooded towels and a fleece blanket, but is otherwise completely naked.
Dreaming Carolina won. Thanks Moodys for the Tarheel gear!
Elmer Fudd Face.
So true.
This look says it all.
More fun to come in a few days. Love to all!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Like A Fish

Another first: Eli went swimming last week! He and mom joined a group of moms and babies (most of the babies are older than Eli) for a regular swim time on Thursday. He enjoyed it, and did quite well!

Hanging out with the ball before swim time.
Showing off the magnificently cute swim trunks.
Hanging with his friends (who are all girls) before swimming time.
Eli and mom in the pool.
Floating on his belly.
He's a natural!
Wrinkly feet!

Swimming wore Eli out, and he slept most of the rest of the day. He's looking forward to going again this week. We've decided we're going to have to get an inflatable pool for the summer.