Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog All Thanks to Sunny

The fabulous and talented Sunny B has oh so many gifts. One of them is photography. In fact, I need her to move here and become the official historian of our life, because she is awesome. All the photos in this entry are ones she took while she, Selena and Christina were here last week. For your entertainment, a chronicle of our many adventures.
Monday 9am, the gals arrive. We head out to Boulder to tool around this fabulous town. Here Sunny is looking saucy in a sweet leopard print chair.

Three stores into our stroll Eli hurled all over himself and the stroller. Luckily we were in a baby boutique. They gave us the key to the bathroom and I gave Eli a little sink bath and let him play around topless while I shopped for a new shirt for him.
Eli snoozed during our yummy sushi lunch at Hapa.
Chef Eli.
We ran into the handsome President Elect and he wanted a photo with me, so I obliged.
Tuesday - a slow morning. Sunny and I decided to whip up a fun pair of pants for new baby Lizzie. Sunny cut out some critters and I whipped up a pair of britches. They were fabulous.
Don't touch the puffs.
Selena and Christina at the Olive Garden. Yum.
Sunny and Jessa at the Olive Garden. Yum.
We met up with Eric at REI, where Eli played in the cart while we shopped. And got kissed on the head.
Cutie BOY! Sunny always catches the best shots of him!
Eli and his bff.
Sunny winning over Eli the old fashion way - through his belly.
Wednesday - we ventured into the mountains to a town a bit east of Vail called Frisco. It was mountastic. Here Selena and Christina pose with a local.
Something is definitely not right with this carrier position.
Conductor Eli running the trains!
And perhaps the strangest photo op of the trip - Sunny in front of the Frisco laundromat.
And, what will probably become our Christmas photo. Eric, Eli, and I in front of Christmassy trees in the mountain town. And yest, I'm wearing two hats.

We had a grand time with the girls! Thank you Sunny for recording our adventures!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Deck The Halls!

We've been festive out here in Colorado! Last week we had our friends Sunny and Selena and our new friend Christina out for a visit, and then we had a quiet Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving...aka, Christmas Tree Day. Right now we're hanging out by the fire while it snows outside, which really helps get you in the spirit. As always, you'll find some photos below. Unfortunately, our camera is MIA, so what you see here is all cell phone photos.

But first a video. Eli started doing this about a week ago. If you do the dramatic "I'm-gonna-get-you" tickle move, he'll play his part, get tickled, and then re-enact the whole thing. He's even started doing it pre-emptively, as a request to get tickled. Apologies for the cell phone video.

Eli and mama shopping in Frisco, a town up in the mountains (near Vail and Copper) we went to on Wednesday afternoon. By this point in the day Eli was worn out, so we tried putting him in the carrier, but he wasn't having that either. We thought he looked funny in there, with his legs splayed out.
Eli loves taking naps with his friend Harry.
Jessa found these wall sticker thingies, and she put them by his crib and his changing table. This morning when I got Eli out of bed, he didn't want to leave. He just ran from one end of the crib to the other, pointing out his new stickers.

Somebody stuck a puff on Eli's nose. We aren't saying who, but it starts with an S and ends with elena.
Maybe it got out of hand.
Me and Eli in Frisco. He loves this mode of transportation.
Eli loves the train table....but the rest of us love it maybe a little bit more.
He scored a cool conductor hat from his auntie Sunny as an early Christmas present.
We eventually had to tear Eli away from the train table. He was transfixed.
Riding a red racer while shopping. He's shirtless because mom was off buying him a new one after he threw up all over his first one.
We did a comparison between last Christmas' foot imprint and his feet today. Impressive progress, no?Thanksgiving afternoon we set off in search of a tree....
....but we were unsuccessful, so today we set out again. It was exhausting.
We found a great one, a Colorado native white fir, and brought it home. After some drama with procuring a saw, we got it up and going. Eli didn't think much of it until we got the lights on it. Then.....

He LOVES it. Here, he's looking at the star and making the "light" sign.
Putting on his "Elijah" bell ornament, courtesy of Sunny.The finished product, after Eli went to bed. Notice that it's on a table, safely (hopefully) out of reach of little hands. Just in case, all the soft ornaments are on the bottom branches.

Also notice the snow beginning to accumulate on the ground out the window in the background. Colorado sure is conducive to festivity.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Baby Glee

Here it is in regular speed. God bless the camera phone.

Pure, Unadulterated, 100% Baby Glee

We took Eli to the park this afternoon, and he discovered a brand new way to have a crazy amount of fun. We were trying to get him to slide by himself, with mom on top and dad on the bottom, when we realized that pushing him back up to the top was his favorite part. That set off a 15-minute spree of slide-pushing, with his glee increasing by the second.

It just so happens that my new cell phone has a slow-motion video feature, so we pulled it out and took some video. Here somewhat blurry and pixelated but still pretty viewable, is the cutest slow-motion video of baby glee you'll see all day. In three parts:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Me..I'm only seein stripes.

Well, stripes and owl pants. Everything goes with owls though, right? These might be my even more favorite than the Elvis pants. I made the little owl from scraps, which makes me love him all the more.
Mama snuggle.
More Mama snuggle.
Mama snuggle, the extended cut.
Jamming as many animal crackers as would fit into his mouth. Yum.
Eli and his beloved camp chair.

Camp chair dare devil.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mama is a sewing machine.

Last night I started (and completed) the Amy Butler Nappy Bag. I LOVE it. It has seven interior pockets and a cell phone pocket on the strap. It's made of fabulous birdie fabric and lined with big peony flowers. It's fantastico.Here are my most favorite Eli pants to date - Elvistravaganza.Crawling Mowgli style to the play ground - in his Elvis pants.Swinging big boy style.He crawled all over the big play thing. He even went up the steps and down the slide solo for the 1st time.

I think he has suction cups on his feet.Big kids are funny.Turtle vs. Deer standoff.
Turtle snuggle with Dad.
Lunch on the deck.
Winter is thinking about arriving. We have snow one day, seventies the next. So we're layering a lot these days. Eli's a vision in green.