Saturday, July 31, 2010

Community Camp '10

We just spent a week at our church's Community Camp down at La Foret, near Colorado Springs. It was our fourth year doing this camp (that doesn't seem possible), but the first time with two kids, which is its own brand of crazy. Below are tons and tons of photos from the week.

Dancing with mama at the square dance.

Just being sweet.

Amos often ended up in mama's bunk, and occasionally toppled over the edge.
The meadow.
Eli won a medal for his bottle rocket, "Eli's Wild Ride." He won Most Suspenseful Launch.
Eli spent most of the week cornering adults and holding them captive. Here, Eli chats with Dave during the bottle rocket launches.
Amos eating something.

Amos chowed down during the bottle rocket launch.
He somehow lost his shirt.
Friday afternoon and night it rained a lot, and so Eli decided to play in this huge puddle.
Happy in the trees, with his tie-dyed shirt.
Crashed out.
Amos insisted on eating dirt and sticks and pine needles, and eventually we stopped trying to stop him.
Eric and Jessa both played in the camp tennis tournament, but not together. Maybe next year....
Amos at the chapel at this morning's closing service.
Eli at the Chapel.
Eli looking out over the ravine behind the chapel.
The closest I could get to a pose. He doesn't like to pose these days.
The front-facing option on the iPhone is handy in situations like these.

Amos is asleep in his car seat in his pack 'n play (see his feet?).
At the Dining Hall.
At the pool.
Sharing a shopping cart on a Target run.
This was the view each morning,
as Amos' pack n play was right between our bunks.
At the Dining Hall.
Eli as a wookie at Star Wars night.
Playing with Brian in the woods.
Just hanging out on the back porch.
Amos got an official camp name tag!
The post-pool towel look.
Amos' bottle rocket: Mouse in Space.
Father and son.
Either going to or coming from the pool.
Dining Hall again.
Camp is exhausting.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twice the Fun at Tiny Town

We took sweet A to one of our old favorite haunts, World Famous Tiny Town and Railroad. I'm sure you've heard of it. We took Eli back when we lived in the mountain house.

I'm going to let the photos do the heavy lifting on this post...

(Eli's waving to deer).

Amos is much more adventurous on the playground then Eli was at his age. He was sliding, climbing, crawling up a storm and laughing his chubby cheeks off!

We took the obligatory ride on the Tiny Town Train. Eli was not pro the idea but he did great.
Amos was pro all the way.
My cautious boy. He ended up very happy - and by "ended up" I'm referring to once we got off the train, went in the gift shop and bought some Tiny Town merch. Specifically, a truck.