Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Fun

Happy Good Morning!
Heading downstairs and so happy about it.
Playing and reading out on the porch on a nice cool afternoon.
Today we had a long but fun day - We started at the Breakfast Foods Play Area (above - Eli hasn't learned yet that it's not nice to head butt your friends), then had lunch and wandered around the mall with the kiddos. Then we ran errands, including to the fabric store to choose some fabrics for pants I'm making for Eli. We ended up with bugs, farm, and chicken fabric. Photos to follow once the pants get made, approximately 2011. Then we went to the playground at Eric's school and had a quick dinner before we headed to the Obama for Change field office to have our volunteer training. Tomorrow we canvas!
Window shopping with his buddies Grace and Maya.
Giving their best "please can we go in" faces.
Eli at the playground, climbing up the slide.
Up up up...
So excited...
He made it! He got to the tippy top all by himself and celebrated by overflowing with drool (see the glistening line of spittle?).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Whole Lotta Cute

Big news! Eli took his first steps on Monday! He walked up to four steps between Eric and me. It was so fun and exciting...until he fell on his nose and the party was over. So, we practice everyday and will hopefully catch a photo or video of it soon. Until then, just some mundane, run of the mill, everyday cuteness:
Who dressed this child?
So happy!
Just woke up - groggy and shaggy.
Fall is starting to come to Colorado and we've been spending lots of time outside in it. Eli is always calm, serene, and still when he's outside in the quiet forest, in sharp contrast to everywhere else. He gently explores his surroundings in a curious but unobtrusive way. It's really sweet to watch.
What do you see little one?
He's consistently signing and saying (sort of) airplane.
Playing Eli's special brand of Peek-A-Boo (hands on temples).
We found a fun little table and chairs at consignment yesterday. Fun!
On the days we stay around the house, I break out all the fun, clashy clothes.
Eli also got a fun used cozy coupe at consignment! He can't really propel himself anywhere, but he loves to steer and beep the horn.
Today after lunch I loaded Eli, a blanket, and some toys in a laundry basket and headed out to the porch to play.
Graceful exit.
Funny face and tai chi move.
New pre-walking crawling technique.
Maestro playing the alligator xylophone.
The drool continues to pour.
He climbs anything now.
Admiring the view up on tippytoes.
Daddy drives him around and he LOVES it.
Naked dinner.
I love these fellas.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Four Minutes of Fun

Watch Eli go! He's definitely a morning person (groan), and when he gets up he's raring to go. It's a wonderful, if bleary-eyed, time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Miles, We Miss You William, and Go Mama!

Last night we celebrated the 1st birthday of one of Eli's best friends, the marvelous Miles! Miles ate up the scores of admirers, and his yummy cake!His sweet Mama, Eve threw such a lovely 1st party for Miles. She beamed with love and pride for her little guy.
Eli enjoyed an electric blue cupcake...
very much.
We also partied with Eli's friend William. William and his family are moving to Idaho and we're so sad! We're going to miss them like crazy!
William is the synthesizer maestro, and you should see him dance to his tunes. It's something to behold!
He and Eli had such a fun first year together. We wish them all the best!
Hangin' in Daddy's Jeep.
Newly named, "Yellow Jeep."
Now, be impressed. Today Eli and I ran a 5K together. We joined Eric and a bunch of his youth for the run supporting "Second Wind," which works to prevent teen suicide. Here we are at the finish. I REALLY wanted to walk at this point, but couldn't let the camera catch that. Eli enjoyed the ride...
And the throngs of Eric's youth who showered him with constant attention. It's good to be the youth director's kid.

After being in the car seat or stroller all day, Eli was euphoric to come home and get his wiggle on. Hear the squeals of delight as I chase him up the stairs. And nothing beats a little naked time to help one relax after a long day. I've finished Eli's invitations and here's what they look like. A lovely friend (Mama V) suggested this necklace to me because of my recent bird obsession (see the rub-on entries, and Eli's mural). Lisa Leonard is the artist and you can find her designs at http://lisaleonardonline.com/. I loved Mama V's suggestion, it was so me, so I ordered it. Here is the final customized piece. It is beautiful and will be my new nearly daily choice of accessory. Thanks Mama V!

Off to sleep and lounge, post-race.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Highchair Antics

We're hanging around the house today. I'm working and Eli's playing. I just laid him down to nap. He's such a peach. Fat and happy.
Chillin' topless.
I bought him this crazy fun pair of jammies. I think they're for girls. In fact, the company is called "Miss Matched" so I think they only make girl clothes. Yeah, like that's gonna stop me.
I drove to the organic baby store, the green monkey, yesterday to try out a new baby carrier. On our way, Eli fell asleep. When I got there they threw down some pillows and let him sleep. It worked out for them because it gave me peaceful browsing time. I bought said carrier and a Baby Clothes Quilt Kit.
Doing his smoke monster impression.
We engaged in hilarious highchair antics during lunch (see the video below). Here is a selection of faces from the episode.
Thinking about sitting down...
decided against it.
blowing raspberries.

First is a quick video of Eli gearing up to get his crawl on. Apparently sometimes it takes a bit of revving. After that it's kinda boring.
The highchair circus, including the very stealth, hands on ears peek-a-boo.