Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Party for Amos!

A family photo! Astute observers will note that Eric is FaceTiming with his mom, whose face is on the phone. 
Birthday boy! 

Birthday crown! 

Jessa made this magnificent cake. We had the party at Mellow Mushroom, where we took Amos on opening night when he was just over 48 hours old. They were having their 1-year anniversary celebration, Alice in Wonderland themed, so we piggybacked Amos' party. 

Crawling around the patio. 
We made birthday hats. Look at all the mad hatters! 

There was a caricature artist. We got both boys' portraits done. 
Brother of the birthday boy. 
Thinking about walking for his birthday. 

Opening a birthday card.
Right before blowing the candle out. 

This lady was pretty cool. The kids couldn't get over how tall she was. 
General party chaos. 
More mad hatting. 
Cake detail. 
Mushrooms on the cake, since we were holding the party at the Mellow Mushroom. 
Curious George. 
Birthday boy and mom. 
More cake detail. 
He made quite a cake mess. 
Surprised cake face. 
A field of cake destruction. 
Gnawing on the fork. 
Eli lent a hand. 
He soon turned his wrath on the crown. 
Crown off. 
More cake! 
Surprised cake face. 
Gimme that camera! 
Amos kept at it for a while. 

Amos opened lots of good presents! Unfortunately Eli has taken over this one. 
Birthdays are exhausting. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tonight we went to a reception/party for a departing member of the church staff. We spent most of the night, however, on the hosts' trampoline. Check it out:
Pure unbridled joy. Note the vegetation
in his mouth. 

Brother bounce.
Static hair. 
Static hair again. 

Don't worry, he's not landing this way. He's
showing off his forward roll from gymnastics.

This is a video of Jessa, Amos, and Eli on their backs on the trampoline while I bounced them. They were all laughing so hard they could barely breathe. 

Eli got a big kick out of pushing over his trampoline buddies, Addyson and Chloe.