Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Latest Pictures

The other day, Eli was fussy, and nothing would soothe him until he got hold of a dill pickle. He was happy from then on. Who knew? Here he is, pickle-drunk.
Eli modeling mom's spring fashions.
Eli thinks mirrors are the funniest thing ever. He's also starting to notice shadows, which is funny.
Happy baby!
This is the new big thing...pseudo-crawling. He's up on all 4s! He can drag/scoot crawl, too, but he averages about 1 foot per minute with that method, so he's still easy to corral. For now.
Eli in the big-boy bath.
Wearing his super-cute outfit for last Saturday's party. We had a bunch of babies and their parents over for lunch. It was a lovely day--about 80 degrees--so Eli went with the overalls-sans-shirt look. Only slightly redneckish.
Another angle. At least they aren't Carhartts.
I think he looks a little bit like Gilbert Godfrey here.
Hi there!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Too many cute pics!

Hi Friends. Eli and I are on the mend from our crud. He's been assisting me in making pots lately. I'm way behind on some orders, and had a dud firing, so we're trying to get caught up. Here are a few sweet photos from the past week.
Two sickies snuggling. All he wanted to do while he wasn't feeling well was snuggle. It was so sweet.
Just sitting and being cute.
Sitting in the kiln, pre-firing. Eric is inches away ready to catch him if he dives.
Getting braver and wigglier when standing.
That face says, "Wow, my Mom can't play the guitar."
And now we begin a series of cute faces. First on the deck on a beautiful spring day (now we've got 8 inches of snow).
Blowing raspberries.
Such a charmer.
Quintessential Eli.
Here he is under the new mural I finished for his room this week. It's reminiscent of his old room, with the tree and birdies, but portable.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Deer, Peas and Carrots, and a Brand New Swing

Wondering where we've been the last week? Ugh.

Jessa has come down with a pretty nasty case of (we think) the flu. If it's not the flu, it's something equally insidious. To make matters worse, since she's still breastfeeding, there's almost nothing she can take for it. She's limited to motrin and some cough medicine that doesn't work because it has no actual medicine in it. So she's pretty miserable. So far Eric and Eli haven't gotten it, but we've both developed mild coughs that we fear may be the harbingers of things to come.

Eli has had his share of trouble too. He had a couple of his 6-month immunizations yesterday, and last night he spiked a fever. That's apparently pretty normal and harmless, but it made for a long night. You can tell he feels awful, but he's being a good sport about it for the most part. We even got him to laugh at his own reflection a little bit.

So mom and Eli are still in the bed this morning, comforting each other. It's a good day for it--we've got a couple of inches of snow and are expecting another 6 or so.

Here are some photos from the last week:

This is Eli waiting in the lobby for his 6-month appointment. He likes to do this standing thing where you hold his hips and he just looks around. We put his hands in his vest pockets to make him look suave. He did great at his 6-month appointment, by the way. He's almost exactly average on height and weight and still in the mid-90s on head circumference percentile.
The biggest change in the last week: lots of solid foods. His favorite so far is carrots. Here, he makes a face, but don't be fooled. He loves them.
He especially likes carrots when they're coupled with rice cereal.
Christa baked Eli a 1/2 birthday cake last week. They don't sell 1/2 candles (they should!), so we improvised. While Eli is eating some solid foods, unfortunately for him chocolate cake is not one of them.
Peas! Eli has a love/hate relationship with peas. Well, maybe a tolerate/hate relationship. The first time he ate them, badness ensued. More recently, they're growing on him. Frankly, I don't like peas either.
Eli got a new swing! It's in the shape of a car, and he just absolutely loves it, as you can see.
I had one of these toys when I was a kid. It was the best.
Dooo...doooo...doooooo....lookin' out my back door....
Wearing mom's glasses. And going a little crosseyed.
Always tethered to the floor with a strand of drool. He has two teeth now, by the way. We've tried very hard to get pictures of them, but that just ain't happening.
Since he was born, Eli has had this one crazy-long hair. See it there, sticking off the back? He's like our very own Homer Simpson.
We have a herd of mule deer that comes to visit all the time. Here, Eli and the deer have a staring contest out the back window.
Eli's hair has been doing this thing lately where it sticks up in the middle. We think it's just about the greatest thing of all time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today is Eli's half-birthday--he's 6 months old! It seems like that can't be right, until you look at the photographic evidence:

Here's Eli when he was 2 days old....

....and here he is last weekend, standing out on the deck.He's sitting in our portable chair thingy (although he isn't happy about it)....
....and swinging by himself in the big swing.
Learning how to play cards....
....he even has his own pair of shades.

The weather is warming up some here lately, so Eli's been on several walks, complete with ridiculous hats to keep his head from getting sunburned.
Here he is in his mouse hat again.
Playing with his books (with Vashti kitty in the background).
Another walk, another ridiculous hat.
Rocking his peace clothes. The shirt says "Peace Baby" and the shoes are a Christmas present from his aunt Kelly and cousins in Seattle.
Looking like he's about to say something witty.
Yesterday Eli woke up very chipper, and played a long game of peek-a-boo under his crib covers.

Happy half-birthday Eli!