Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Dose of Silly

Eli and his fav friend Christa and his fav new activity, climbing on things to freak out his parents.
My new fav thing - sewing Eli crazy pants with oversized butt pockets!
Fun blue crazy cords!
Just plain silly.
We had a day long fun extravaganza with friends Gillian, Violet and Oliver. We went to the breakfast foods and played all day. Poor Eli had to make some calls while we were playing - a boy's work is never done.
Found a shoe in the cereal bowl.
Eli tramples a big kid. He never saw that little blue butt coming.
Getting sleepy.
Eli decided to put on the wrap/pack like Mama.
And it was exhausting...
He wore it all over the breakfast foods.
Even onto the waffle.
Chillin in my sweet ride.
More climbing.
Pumpkin fest - can I eat it?
Pumpkin dance.
And then, I swear, he organized them, pumpkins and gourds. It was amazing.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogging for Dada Because We Miss Him :-)

But first...check it out - a bear print!!! It was just a few feet from our front door, between the door and my car. Yay wilderness.
A last Dada snuggle before he flew to Phoenix to have a boys' fantasy basketball draft weekend with Brian and Walt. They're having a blast.
Rockin' chair, snowy yard, gourd, and cute baby.
Obama boy.
Funny face #1.
Funny face #2.
Sweet face #1. Sweet face #2. Sweet/bored.
Sweetest boy!!!!!!
Tricky photography - the over the head snoozing baby shot.While Dada's having a boys weekend, Christa and I have been crafting up a storm. Last night we sewed all night! I made three pairs of baby silly pants! They are amazing!!!Check out that crazy bug style!
Tonight we got him all turtled up and went to the Halloween party at the church.
Sweetest turtle boy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Votes are IN!

Man, filling in those bubbles felt so good! Tomorrow Eli and I are heading to the Obama field office to GOTV (get out the vote - not go t.v. (I was confused by that too at first)).
Dada's office is fun.Big boy and his plate o' raisins.
Eli fell asleep on the way home, so I took the opportunity to have a snuggle fest in our bed with him. We slept about an hour, then he woke very confused...Nothing a good critter snuggle won't solve. He was inconsolable until we offered Lion and Bunny to soothe him. What a sweetie pants.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I know. I'm sorry.

I culled. Really I did. I took 335 photos in the last three days. He's just too darn cute. Every photo makes me laugh, and I hope they will do the same for you.
Friday we went on the most beautiful hike with five of our baby friends and their mamas. We hiked and picnicked at Lair O' the Bear near Red Rocks. So beautiful and so fun! We also pre-decided to dress all the babies in fall-ish gear and bring pumpkins to take autumn photos. Eli and the rock.
Clockwise from the pumpkin holder: Inara, Jakob, Savannah, and Eli...and the rock.
Eli and the rock, the sequel.
Inara and the pumpkin. Savannah and Eli...and the rock.
Funny Face.
Funny face and pumpkins.
Love a pumpkin.
Amazing tree and beaver-made-lake.
Gorgeous scenery.
More autumnal goodness. I love autumn.
Funny face. Beautiful aspen trees.
Funny face. Excellent hair. What's inexplicable is that some days his hair stands straight up, and some days it lays so so flat. There's no predicting it.
Rock fest with Savannah.
More please.
I see me!
Toothy goofy ( completely flat).
I've been a glazing and firing fool for the last three days (with breaks for hiking and autumnal photography). This was my pile o' pots to glaze.
Eli watched.
I set him up a little play area in the spray booth.
Eli's fun cookie jar! I had such fun making it.
So, today I finished glazing while I was firing. Eric kept Eli this morning so I could glaze like crazy. And then the boys joined me for a pumpkin fest while we waited for the kiln to finish.
My fellas.
It was another gorgeous day. Eli really enjoys playing in the pack in play now. It's really cute.
Our four punkins. Awwww .
He crawled around and got all muddy. So...STUDIO BATH!
Water is cool.
Peek-a-booin' on the way home.
Our little pumpkin family all lit up. Pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven. Cool fall breeze blowing in the window. Yay autumn.