Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Photos and Halloween

We've had quite a week here in Denver. Wednesday and Thursday it snowed non-stop, leaving us with about 18 inches of snow. Friday and Saturday have been filled with Halloween activities. Everybody is exhausted, but we've had a great week.

Jessa asked Eli if he wanted to hold Amos. He said yes, and this lasted about 3/4 of a second, and then he started saying "no thank you." Alas. Someday.
Mama, Eli, and Amos had some quality time on the bed. Notice the head control from Amos.
Eli is learning to have "paci-free time," but he's now very concerned that Amos have his pacifier at all times. Here, he's trying to put it in his mouth.
Still working on it.
Got it!
Amos was just hanging out there for a good long while.
This is Eli's "they made me get all bundled up and sit in the stroller while we trudge through the snow to lunch" face.
This afternoon, Amos fell asleep with his arms sticking out. We think it was some sort of Halloween zombie/mummy tribute.
Another angle.
This morning Jessa took the kids to the Children's Museum for some early trick-or-treating. Isn't that the coolest spider you ever saw?
Spider, Elmo, and Kitty Cat, aka Eli, Inara, and Grace.
Tonight we gathered with some other toddlers and parents to go trick-or-treating. The kids were gathering on the front stoop to take pictures, and they spontaneously decided to hold hands.
The lineup.
Jessa and Amos, who is rocking the mouse hat.
This was actually the least snowy Halloween in several years. Even with the half a foot or so of unmelted snow on the ground.
Quintessential Colorado Halloween shot: snow on the ground, awesome sunset.
Eli and Maya after stopping at a door.
Eli was definitely the slowest kid, since he kept getting distracted by snow, rocks, pumpkins, bushes, and basically everything else.
Eli got to have a "yoyypop" (lollipop) for all his troubles. The rest of his haul was quickly spirited away out of sight to be doled out slowly over a long, long period of time.
Amos was very polite through the whole ordeal. He LOVES this chair. He sat in it for probably an hour total throughout the night, wide awake, just swinging away.

We hope you all had a great Halloween. We know we did!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Day

We're in the middle of a pretty big snowstorm out in Colorado. It started snowing last night, and right now we have eight or ten inches. This morning, we took Eli and Amos out to play.
First, we had to wrestle Eli into the last remaining snow suit that fits, and put his bear boots on.

Amos got bundled too.

He was pretty content to just sleep in there while Eli played.Eli is a lot more into snow than he was last winter. After a bad first start, he even let us pull him around on the sled.
He was pretty excited about it.
By far his favorite snow activity, though, is eating snowballs. He insists on getting one as soon as he gets outside.
His head is too big to keep ALL the hair dry.
Wanna bite?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cake Pride

This is a little late - but I wanted to post a picture of the cake I made for Eli's birthday. I was super proud of it. Eli beamed with joy when it was presented to him. What a triumph!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The boys and I are on our own this week. Eric's been in N.C. since Tuesday and gets home Monday. We've missed him like crazy but have done pretty well for ourselves. We've discovered google video chat this week and have enjoyed chatting with him. It kinda freaks Eli out though. Our buddy and ex-roommate Christa came over last night for dinner and laziness. She held Amos so I could do some two-handed work around the house. I was finally able to finish the ridiculous furniture rearrange that I foolishly took on day before yesterday during nap time. At one point I had to text one of our friends from the building because I had pinned myself in and needed an extra set of hands to move an 8 foot wooden table. But I was able to muscle everything else in to their new spots and it looks pretty good. And now Amos' crib is now beside our bed so he has spent the last two nights in there. It's so cute!
The boys and I carved up the pumpkins we got last week at the pumpkin patch.
Eli was quite taken with these little faux candles.
Ta da!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Party at the Pumkin Patch!

We met up with a slew of Eli's buddies today at the fabulous pumpkin patch/festival/corn maze today. Eli and Julia were wowed by Inara's Elmo costume. Eli's finger is finding its way to his nose a lot lately - especially when the camera's out. Luckily it hasn't found its way to his mouth...yet.
Amos. A Mouse.
Da boys.


Poor Amos. Seven week olds get very little say.
Eli was not loving the photo shoot either.
Look out little mouse!
He was trying to show me all his spidey legs.

Found one.

Love this one!

Freedom from the hot spider outfit! His hair was all sweaty curly afterword. So cute.
And now to the corn maze.
It was an autumnally wonderful day - altough it was seventysome degrees. We Decker-Smiths love the fall. The boys had a blast and are now napping away. We came away with four fabulous pumpkins, and not the ones that were brought in to supplement the ones that grew right there in the patch. We hiked way out to find pumkins that spouted and bloomed right there on the ground where we stood. They're perfectly warty and green blotched with curly viney stems. Perfecto!