Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amos' Almost Half Birthday!

Sweet Amos Mouse is 6 months old! Well...he's slightly less than six months, but seeing as how this year leaps, and there is no Feb. 29, we had to make it work. (Ooops, got a picture of the ugly side of the cake).
Now the pretty side! That is not a ponytail skull's a mouse cake! Get it: >1/2?
Amos' party guests: Andrew, Katie, and blue icing covered Eli!
Eli : Harry :: Amos : Jelly Mouse! Jelly Mouse diligently watches over our sleeping boy.
What a good mouse.
Birthday Boat Pants Boys!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chairs and other random goodness.

Cheapo Rocking Chair Before....
Fabulous Rocking Chair After. Thanks IKEA for this delicious tree fabric.
Monster pants and chucks. That's my kinda style.
We're back from the laundry room.
Today we went to play with our buddies Miles and Owen. Amos spent the whole playdate jumping in their jumper (seen here).
Their Mama Eve and I worked out a trade! She lent us the fabulous jumper and we lent her our excersaucer for Owen. Sweet! Eric reports that while I was at the movies Amos jumped the whole time, nodding off periodically. We made a good trade!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gymnastics, Pajamas, and the Like

Finally remembered to take the camera to gymnastics. Check him out:

The Pit!

At the end of each class Ms. Amanda gives each kiddo a hand-drawn "stamp." Eli waits patiently.
Tongue out.
Amos thinks gymnastics is exhausting.
Oh the dorky goodness! They match! I have been on a sewing spree lately. Good times!

Snuggling in our bed.

Amos has been sampling some rice cereal. He's on the fence.
But he casts his vote in favor of peaches in the little chewy mesh thing.
Mmmmm, pancakes.
And now the piez de resistance...MATCHING CRAZY JAMMIE PANTS! I took a pajama pants class yesterday at the funky fabric store in town. LOVE IT!
Eli still insists that the car jammie top matches everything.
Even Harry got a pair.

Does anyone else see the resemblance to Great-Grandfather Decker, or is it just me?
So sweet!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silly silly A


Waking up is hard to do.

After a cat nap in the car and about an hour and a half of playing while he was supposed to be going to sleep...Eli finally crashed. The following photos are shown in the order in which they occurred.

"I'm up." (His shirt got wet at the zoo so we took it off and let him just wear his jacket) (That is a car sticker on his chest).
"I'm down."

Waking up is hard to do.

Party at Our House!

Eli is 100% in love with all things Car movie related. The DVD...yup. Car figurines...yup. Car jammies...2 sets. Puzzle, valentines, coloring books...check, check, check. Storage bins? Oh yeah.
This place is dripping with brotherly love now-a-days.
My heart melts.
It's getting warmer. Springtime, can you hear me?
This kid gives me the giggles.
But he can be mischievous too.
(whistle whistle) "Here big brother...Here boy!"


A sweet Mama moment.
This is not in our apartment, but we were solo at the movies today, so I took a surprise shot of Eli in the dark theater, clutching his M&Ms.