Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hiking at Red Rocks

Eric is out of town on this beautiful Saturday. So we went hiking at Red Rocks with our friends Shana and Inara. It was a gorgeous day for a hike, and the kiddos did GREAT! It was slow and steady, but eventually we found our way back to civilization.
Inara and her Mama Shana.
Eli was rearing to go!
Eli and Mama.
Eli told me a secret.
Inara addressing her adoring fans.

Eli got down and dirty and loved it!

He was such a happy little hiker.
These kiddos are a hoot.

Finally! We made it back to our cars and a lovely spot for a snack.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

You speak the truth Mama V.

Mama V commented on our last blog that she thinks Eli's gone through the change. From baby to big boy that is. Well Mama V, your suspicions are accurate. Check this out:Lose the paci and you've got a frat boy putting away his chap stick. I can't even look at him today without guffawing at how grown up he is.
After church we met our friend Eve for a beautiful day at the park. Eli wore his shades for approximately 7 seconds.
Too cool for school.
Swinging and pondering something important.
He's wearing fabulous Tony Hawk pants from his Grandpa Smith. They zip off to make shorts! We love them.
We love our little big boy. He's getting ready for big brotherhood.
And Mama V - I did make the quilt. Thanks!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Whole Lotta Silly

Last night's after dinner antics:
Hello blue eyes.Blue eyes and a baby belly shot.
I want you!
One serious moment.
Back to silly.
Doubled over laughing.
Grabbing for the camera.
Good friend Panda.
Silly silly silly.
Wide eyed about something.
Goofing with Mama's glasses. He loves that game.
We asked, "Eli, do you have a baby in your tummy?" So he looked.
Riding in red car with a turtle sidecar.
Exploring other options.
This is his favorite car position because it elicits the best response from his parents.
Gimme some hugs!
So so sweet.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Today was our weekly swimming engagement. Normally on swimming day Eli is a bit of a grump. It's right at nap time, he's a little overly sensitive with his friends, and he only tolerates, reluctantly, getting into the pool. He usually warms up to the idea - but isn't overly thrilled by it. Especially if, heaven forbid, water should splash anywhere above his shoulders, which it's likely to do with five toddlers splashing around. Forget the idea of him practicing swimming movements like kicking and paddling. He just clutches me and waits for it to be over.

Well today, he discovered it could be fun. He got water on his face and in his mouth - and laughed instead of screaming in agony. He let me throw him up and catch him all splashily. He even got dunked once or twice and survived.

Best of all he discovered he could put his hand on my head and slightly push and that I would go under and come up laughing. That was a big hit!Here he is post-swimming in his fabulous balloon towel.
And his delicious post-swimming curls. There's just nothing cuter.
Got milk?
He even played semi-socially with his friends, who he tends to avoid by sticking to my leg at all times. He was especially jovial when the toys and snacks came out. He walked around signing please to all those holding food.
There's that sweet pitiful face we're used to seeing on Friday mornings. Time to call it quits. He was asleep within five minutes of getting in the car and slept for nearly four hours. Hope this happy swimming continues!