Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big News!

My little crafty buddies and I are taking our craft show on the virtual road! I have started another blog to chronicle the crafting adventures that happen around here. I have also started selling my creations on etsy.com.

I have so much fun making things with and for my sweet boys. It has been so fun to tell the tales of what we get into around here. The new blog is called Happily Home Sewn, and you can find it at HappilyHomeSewn.blogspot.com. Bookmark it and check back often! (Take a look at my newest post: Make the Shift! I was featured as a Mother of Invention on a motherhood blog called The Make Shift Revolution. Check it out here!)

Don't worry. This will still be the main place where we report on the antics of Amos and Eli.

If you'd like to see the items I have put up for sell on etsy, you can find it at:

I only have a few pieces, mostly baby/toddler pants listed so far, so check back in a bit. I'll be adding purses/diaper bags, and sweet little dresses soon!


Something went amiss during the night for dear sweet Amos. He got all tangled up.
Happy Easter!
This kid, is a big old mush of love and happiness. He is a crack up!

It makes me so happy that he's so happy!
We had a playdate with Luca and Elsa the other morning. What fun! Elsa makes Amos look HUGE!
Be a gentle giant Amos!
Luca and Eli had a blast. Eli is like a different boys these days. He's progressed so much in language, social comfort, and potty-ing. I am constantly amazed!
If you happen to see Eli walking toward you in this hat and these boots, he is sure to tell you, "I'm an urban cowboy."
Spring. Finally!
Hi cutie pants.
Picnic face.
Eli did the same thing in one of his first baby swing experiences. Classic!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Way, way, way...

too many pictures.

So let's take them in genres, shall we?

First...snow. We've had some peeks of spring, but this week we had two last (hopefully!) big drops of snow.

Eating snow.

And now...Amos puppy.

Baseball anyone?

Playing on the porch.

Eli's new fav. activity - feeding the birds (read: squirrels).

And now...a picnic!

Playin' his spoon like a tiny guitar.

My favorite genre: sleep.
Amos snoozed through St. Paddy's Day brunch with Melinda and Roger.

We've been finding Eli sleeping on the floor a lot lately. Usually he falls asleep in front of his door while he's trying to con his way out of bedtime.

There's no specific genre for this one. It's just cute:
Dad: "What's on your head Eli?"
Eli: "Nuffin."

And our final theme: Spring, would you get here and stay already?!
Yesterday Eli and I made two springy wreaths. It was so so fun.

Don't let those 8 inches of snow fool you. It's time to take down the ice skates.
And put up some spring!
Love it! I learned how to make this wreath here:

And it is beautiful. No more snow.