Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just fun

Amos' 1st green tub bath! He smells so yummy now!
This shot makes me dizzy.
An important milestone. The first blow out of each of our children has/will appear on this blog. Here is Amos'.
This may have been a fluke, but he found and sampled his thumb. Ohmywordsocute.
Just like Eli, Amos loves to be outside. This was the next best thing. He and I sat in the doorway. He soaked up a lovely breeze and I paid bills.
We spend lots of time on the porch. Eli loves his new t-ball set. Amos is snoozing in the shady corner. See him?
Yesterday it was WINDY! We took our $4 kite and went out to the quad to fly kites and swirl Eli. What fun.

Speaking of dizzy...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boy O Boy

Just a bunch of boyish cuteness for you...

Amos - Day 26 - The boy finally gets a bath. Up til now it's been sponge baths and one shower. But he was smelling real curdy this morning, so we went for it. He dug it!
The only trouble is, he's almost too big for our student housing tiny kitchen sink. Alas.
Now for big boyish cuteness. We had our first chilly rainy week this week. So we hung out at the mall play area and the fountain outside Anthropology. We've got to come up with some fun cold weather activities because around here, winter comes out of nowhere.
Inara shared her popcorn with Eli. Check out his super excited foot tapping. He's about to levitate.
She rationed the popcorn one kernel at a time, and he excitedly awaited each dole.
Eli and I whipped up a fabulous birthday banner for him. I can't believe a week from tomorrow our Eli will be two. He's such a hoot and a joy. He's very excited about his upcoming party at the park. And he knows he'll be two, but often he thinks he's turning "two minutes." It kinda feels that way.
Man, he's so GROWN UP! His fall ensemble only accentuates his maturity. It's freaking me out.
Sneaking into Amos' chair.
Smarty britches.

A moment to gush - man I love these boys. There is nothing better. I can barely look at them without becoming mush. They inspire me, crack me up, make me melt. Oh the joys they have shown me. There's nothing like it.
Look! More sweet swag! Priscilla, Russell, and baby Abby sent this fabulous burp cloth and bib for Amos. They're way too cute for the rivers of barf heading their way!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Living the Life

We've been up to lots of fun lately. Here are some highlights:Eli considers this event a huge highlight - when the garbage man comes on Tuesday. Simple pleasures.
The boys are interacting a lot more these days. Amos loves to watch Eli and Eli likes to point and giggle when Amos does Amosy things. Any time Amos cries, Eli says sweetly, "Don't cry Amos, it's okay." Ahhhhh, melt my heart.
Amos is still sleeping a lot - even some at night. Yay!
Eric usually drops Eli off at school. I just thought it was too cute watching him toddle off to yellow jeep, jabbering away with Harry peeking out of his back pack. Eli looooves to ride in yellow jeep.
This is Eli's "special bench." It's where I ask him to sit while I'm getting Amos in or out of the car. It's pretty safe because it's between gated parking lots, so there are very few cars nearby - and it's far from the street.
Oh sweet Amos. He's changed so much. He looks much older than a three week old baby to me. He's a lovely fellow.
Sunny embroidered this rocking onsie for him. Thanks Sunny!
Friday night we had an impromptu picnic with about 15 school friends who live in our building. It was a great time!
Saturday we took the boys for a lovely day in Boulder. We walked the Pearl street pedestrian mall for hours playing in the play areas and visiting fun shops and restaurants.

We tried to get Eli to play in a fun flat fountain in Boulder. He wasn't really into it - the water was COLD. But he was a big fan of public nudity. That's our boy!
Amos showed Boulder all his facial personality.
And...we'll leave you with that. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Amos and Eli

This sweet little hat was knitted by a friend for Eli. We call it the squash blossom hat. Doesn't Amos make a lovely little squash blossom?
I broke out the first of the home-made matching outfits. It was tricky to get them close enough and still enough to get a good shot - but believe me, it was cute.

I love this.
Getting closer...
We took Eric's mom out to Frisco to play in a little mountain town. Eli hit the playground.

Amos snoozed.

We're getting really good at the double trunk diaper change.
Today was the first fall-like day we've had, so we broke out Eli's new school jeans. He looked dapper.
So big.

We lunched at Mellow Mushroom and played at the fountain. Fun fun fun!