Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If we haven't posted in a while, then you know it's going to be a huge update. And indeed it is. It would be even bigger, but our camera went on the fritz at the end of the beach trip (sand + salt mist = camera issues, evidently). I looked it up on the internet and solved it by banging on a certain spot on the camera with a butter knife, so we're back in business now.

Here are a few from the end of the beach trip, post camera resurrection.
What happens if a prince kisses a frog?
Getting friendly with an alligator at the NC Aquarium (which is amazing, by the way).
Playing with Harry (Wuwwy, as Eli says) and a balloon someone gave him the last night we were there. Note the spectacular beachy shirt.
Running laps around a palm tree planter.
On Sunday afternoon, we traveled down to the Vassy family homeplace in South Carolina for a family reunion. That's Jessa's mom's side of the family, if you're keeping track at home. They had a big picnic, complete with hymn singing, at the old family house which was built sometime in the early 1800s.
Someone brought this fantastic retro chair.
Today we traveled to Highlands, NC to visit with the Dendy side of the family (Eric's mom's side). Here are four generations, all somehow managing to look at the camera during different shots.
Eli on a chair at his great-grandma Moo's house.
Eli and Poppie (his great-grandfather) played a game of pinecone. Eli gave Poppie the pinecone. Then he took it back. Repeat.
Dad's shades, which in this shot had about 38 seconds more to live. Time to buy some more. Such is life with a toddler.
Jessa and Eli took a stroll in the back yard.
Eli's great-great-aunt JoAnne showed him the Irises, which he smelled here.
We went down to the Dendy homeplace next door to do a little bit of gardening. This is near the spot where Eli's great-great-great grandparents had a home, and the house where I (Eric) used to visit Eli's great-great grandmother.
Skipping around in the grass.
He loved running around and getting all that energy out.
This is post-dinner, so there was quite a bit of residual ketchup. We DO sometimes groom our child. We promise.
Contemplating the grass.
Jessa Jr. With a gnat in his eye.
He now says "cheese" if he sees you taking his picture. This is the result.
Picking an apple from a very old tree. He also loves the applesauce his Moo makes from these apples.
There was an unfortunate incident where Eli felt more confident in his hill-climbing abilities than he should have. We caught this splendid face from him. Oh, the humanity.
Smelling a wild azalea flower.
I love this series.
You can see the grin coming....
There it is!
These are Eli's great-great-aunts JoAnne and Mozelle, walking him up the gravel road from the old Dendy place.
Eli was pretty worn out, so he rode the Dad Express back to the house. Note the daisy.

We're all exhausted, as you can tell. Jessa and Eli are flying home tomorrow (Wednesday), and Eric is driving back starting on Thursday. We move Sunday! Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Beachy Goodness

More sand sculpting..."The Foot", by Marc.


Eli with TB in the back ground. (TB=Tummy Baby)

More sand sculpting. Marc and Jodie turned Grifinn into a mermaid.
Eli "helped."
Beautiful MerGrifinn.

As expected, Eli loves the beach. He has recovered nicely from the first ocean wipeout, and has since spent lots of time splashing through the waves holding one hand each from Mama and Dada. Best of all, in the afternoon there are fabulous tide pools for sitting in, throwing rocks and shells in, digging, and splashing.

Today we're off to the aquarium. Fun!